Webinar: Transforming Regional Rail in the Philadelphia Metro

"Picture a rail system that complements the rest of SEPTA’s network: Trains arriving every 15 minutes, fares that match the subway, and free transfers. Imagine how much this would aid our region’s people of color, ​many of whom are essential workers still commuting to their jobs."
- 5th Square Transit organizers Camille Boggan and Krista Guerrieri in PlanPhilly

With new leadership in place at SEPTA, and changing board leadership in the suburban counties, the time is now to rethink SEPTA's regional rail service and its relationship to the rest of the network.

For the last month, 5th Square has been running a petition action calling on SEPTA to restore regional rail service on the remaining suspended lines in Northwest Philadelphia, and lower fares to the transit rate within city limits to benefit essential workers.

We see this campaign as the first step in a longer organizing campaign to fundamentally change our regional rail network from a slow, infrequent commuter rail system to a fast and frequent true regional rail system, that expands opportunity and access within Philadelphia and across the region.

On October 8th, join 5th Square, Ethan Finlan from TransitMatters, prominent transit analyst Sandy Johnston, City of Philadelphia staff from oTIS, and Penn professor/transportation expert Dr. Vukan Vuchic, for a webinar and group discussion about the possibility for transformative changes to rail transportation in our region, the inequities baked into the status quo, and what it will take to achieve a better mobility vision for our region.

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Will you come?