Affordable Housing, Development, and the Future of the City

Join us for a discussion about affordable housing, development, and the future of the city with:

Philadelphia native & Bay Area housing activist Sonja Trauss of the San Francisco Bay Area Renters' Federation (BARF)
Jake Liefer, of Philadelphia's 5th Square urbanist PAC
Karen Black, of Healthy Rowhouse Project

Moderated by Philadelphia Citizen Editor Larry Platt

Christopher Norwood Danielle Wolfe Thomas Hastings Nelson Pavlosky Stephen St.Vincent Joshua Thomas Castaño Jeffrey Goncalves Jake Liefer Noah Wilkinsky Jenn McCreary Josh Middleton Andy Toy Kate Clark Bethany Rusen David Hincher Willard M. Cooper Alex Vuocolo Charles B Clarke Vanyah Harrigan Luis Hammer Brian Corcodilos David Feldman Danielle Toronyi Ryan Spak Stephanie thaw Chance Craig Harold Mesa Devin DiNofa Daniel Wolf Akeem Dixon Tiffany Foxworth Beth Miller Charles Holliday Roxanne Shepelavy Mack Thatisall Christopher DiGeorge Colton Colton🗽 Kelly Gidzinski Yocasta Lora Francina Easterling Marie Jones Weiss Robert Dowling

Will you come?