Human Bike Lane Action - 13th Street

After another dangerous crash between a vehicle and a bicycle in a separated bike lane, we will continue to make our voices heard that we demand protected, safe infrastructure. 

We will gather on 13th Street, just south of Pine, to put our bodies between the cycling lane and the driving lane - the space where we believe protection should be in place. We will stretch as far north as we can, ideally up to Sansom Street. 

We'll have our "Protected Bike Lanes Now" poster, and welcome you to bring other signage. Please remember we will keep this respectful and positive for all involved. We encourage high fives and words of encouragement for cyclists using the bike lane, and thoughtful, bridge-building conversations with any passing by who wants to learn more.

We'll have handouts with action steps you can take, which includes requests of the Mayor and City Council reps.

Will you come?