Jamie Gauthier Campaign Fundraiser co-hosted by 5th Square

Join Team Jamie and 5th Square in the last and biggest fundraiser of their campaign. 

Jamie Gauthier is the ideal candidate to lead Philadelphia City Council District 3 into the future with her stellar background as an urban planner who has led and worked for nonprofits in the community and economic development and sustainability space for the past 15 years.  

Her approach to land use is one that is equitable, anchored by strong community engagement, based in sustainable practices, and rich in access to all of the things residents need to lead fulfilling lives, including services, public spaces, and multiple modes of transportation.

You are invited!

Join 5th Square for her final campaign fundraiser at Team Jamie Headquarters -- 2 Weeks Out from Election Day!

Host Committee Members: Mary & Frank Allegra, Corita Brown, Bernadine Hawes, Zita James, Mariya Khandros, Yaffa Landis, Linshuang Lu, Andrew Stober, Aesha West

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