5th Square Marketing Committee - August Meeting

Join us for the second meeting of 5th Square's new Marketing and Communications Committee!

After our first meeting we developed some Phase 1 and 2 project lists of things we want to get started, and we'll be assigning small teams to work on each of them.

If you are interested in working on one or a few of these, 
please sign up through this survey.


We'll be reaching out to everyone who signs up and splitting the committee into groups based on the projects to get started. At our second meeting, we'll spend some time working with these smaller groups to plan out next steps on each of these projects.

Those include: 

  • Build Brand Persona - Establish 5th Square’s brand voice and tone to be able to inform the rest of materials and writing 

  • Blog - Develop blog content following our main themes: Politics, Urbanism, Transit, Bikes, Urban Design, YIMBY. Identify 3-4 User personas to be able to write content for specific people and groups we are trying to reach. 

  • Social Media - Establish a small team to manage 5th Square’s social media channels and posting

  • Newsletter - Improve on the newsletter with content, and come up with strategies for growing subscriptions

  • Committee Liaisons - Identify individuals interested in becoming the Marketing Committee's liaisons with other committees (Vision Zero, YIMBY, Finance, Organizing) to help with content development. Our goal is for each committee to eventually have a designated liaison to help with communications needs.)

5th Square is going to have a lot of communications needs over the next year, and there are lots of opportunities for people to take on leadership roles in this committee and learn new skills. Get involved in helping build out this critical piece of our 2019 political operation.

Adam Leiter Paola Quinones Aja Beech Steph Davis Fred Rothman Stephen Skipp Madeleine Ghillany-Lehar Kara Kneidl Jawad Pullin Alisha Miranda

Will you come?