Petition: No More City Council Bike Lane Power Grabs!


Photo by: Thom Carroll / PhillyVoice

City Council is at it again!

This Thursday, February 22nd, Council introduced yet another misguided push to grab more power over bike lanes, with the intent to block overdue street safety improvements under Mayor Kenney's Vision Zero program. 

Sign and share the petition to tell them to back off, and leave the street engineering decisions to the safety experts

The latest misguided push from Council comes from West Philly Councilmember Jannie Blackwell (District 3) who is pushing a new bill (No. 180134) that would require a City Council ordinance whenever any regular painted bike lanes are upgraded to protected bike lanes, or undergo any other modifications.

This is yet another step in the wrong direction. As recently as early 2012, the Streets Department, under the Mayor's direction, was able to stripe bike lanes wherever they thought was appropriate. But in 2012, City Council grabbed that power away from the Mayor, and since that time, bike lane network expansion has ground almost to a halt

The opponents of that 2012 bill—No. 120327—were proven right: more power for City Council really has meant more power for 'Not in My Backyard' elements who want to block street safety changes from happening.

This year though, things were supposed to change. Mayor Kenney adopted a Vision Zero pledge to cut traffic deaths and serious injuries in half by 2020, and that should mean street safety improvements get rolled out faster, not slower, as Councilwoman Blackwell is proposing. 
That's why we have to stop bill No. 180134 in its tracks and begin reversing the disastrous 2012 street power grab!

Sign and share the petition to help spread the word that this legislation will make our streets less safe, and we'll follow up with opportunities so you can take action!

After that, call your Councilmember and demand that they oppose Bill No 180134. Then log their responses in our crowdsourced Whip Count Spreadsheet, so we can track where members stand on the bill. 

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  • Cecilie Gaffney
    signed via 2018-02-24 17:25:59 -0500
  • Emilio Flores
    signed 2018-02-24 17:25:05 -0500
  • Steven Feldman
    signed 2018-02-24 16:59:26 -0500
  • George Rhodes
    signed 2018-02-24 15:47:14 -0500
    I cycle 300+ dats a year and my family loves me. My chiropractic patients do, too. Help keep me safe. And let’s but Janie Blackwell a bicycle!!
  • Lawrence Shaeffer
    signed 2018-02-24 15:40:24 -0500
  • Lawrence Shaeffer
    signed 2018-02-24 15:40:24 -0500
  • Lawrence Shaeffer
    signed 2018-02-24 15:40:24 -0500
  • Joel Hommes
    signed 2018-02-24 15:38:56 -0500
  • Ezra Wolfe
    signed 2018-02-24 15:37:19 -0500
  • Jason Itell
    signed 2018-02-24 15:02:26 -0500
    Stop giving handouts to motorists at the expense of the hardworking people of Philadelphia. The engineering of our streets should prioritize the safety and efficiency of travel for the lowest impact forms of transportation. Build the roads for optimum travel of pedestrians and cyclists, and then allow space for motorists where they can be accommodated safely.
  • Elizabeth Schmidt
    signed via 2018-02-24 14:54:05 -0500
  • Christine Brisson
    signed 2018-02-24 14:33:03 -0500
    I support vision zero.
  • Evelyn Flint
    signed 2018-02-24 14:14:23 -0500
    Council member Blackwell seems to have introduced this bill as a response to supposed backlash over the new Chestnut St protected bike lane. As a constituent or hers, and as an active voter, I’d like to let her know I commute on Chestnut St by car almost every morning, and at worst my commute has been only 5 minutes longer since he lane went in. Most days the difference in non-existent. Furthermore, I’ve experienced delays longer than any bike lane delay numerous times over the last few months due to flatbed truck deliveries to the construction site on Chestnut just east of 40th St during the height of rush hour. Most importantly, let’s not forget that the safety of our fellow human beings should never, ever, be trumped by the mere convenience of any one else. Ever. I know I won’t forget that when I vote.
  • Eugene Friesen
    signed 2018-02-24 13:37:31 -0500
    Better bike infrastructure helps everyone get around more easily. We need to remove barriers to bike lanes instead of making them harder to install.
  • Erin Gordon
    signed 2018-02-24 13:35:07 -0500
  • Joseph Meyrick
    signed 2018-02-24 13:32:23 -0500
  • Jake Thompson
    signed 2018-02-24 13:23:49 -0500
  • Anthony Aquilino
    signed 2018-02-24 13:22:49 -0500
  • Lydia Hunn
    signed 2018-02-24 12:55:38 -0500
  • X- 🌊 #IWBIWISI ☮️#NoWarWithIran☮️ #DontTweetIm🍑
    signed 2018-02-24 12:53:39 -0500
  • Mark Henry
    signed 2018-02-24 12:49:10 -0500
    Mark Henry, stay away from our bike lanes.They benefit drivers as much as riders by curtailing vehicle traffic.
  • Dana Fiero
    signed 2018-02-24 12:30:30 -0500
  • David Hincher
    signed 2018-02-24 12:22:11 -0500
  • Eva Ares-Deterding
    signed 2018-02-24 11:53:02 -0500
  • Victor Qi
    signed 2018-02-24 11:26:54 -0500
  • Kristin Luebbert
    signed 2018-02-24 11:16:39 -0500
  • Carrie Love
    signed 2018-02-24 11:09:45 -0500
  • Andrew Litts
    signed 2018-02-24 10:43:16 -0500
    The city needs more bike lanes, not less. Car-driven policies in a city are counterintuitive and lead to worsening environmental conditions.
  • Eric Kramer
    signed via 2018-02-24 10:39:52 -0500
  • Alex Schieferdecker
    signed 2018-02-24 10:38:14 -0500