We have met our Maximum Match!  Together we will be donating over $5,300 to help open Philly Pools this season!

Philly Phreeze is still accepting donations on their site to meet their goal.

Access to public pools may seem as if it has little to do with gun violence and community safety, but public pools are not just a nice thing or a perk. They provide a safe place for recreation. Communities with fewer resources — including outdoor spaces, pools, and libraries — are often the communities where gun violence is most prevalent.

That is why 5th Square is supporting the “Philly Phreeze” fundraiser to get the largest public pool system in America open again this summer for Philadelphians. Our donation will help Parks and Rec to retain and hire new lifeguards to keep these lifesaving public spaces open.

Make a donation directly to Philly Phreeze TODAY!