Press Release: Intercity Bus Terminal Relocation

Press Release: Intercity Bus Terminal Relocation


Wednesday, November 15, 2023


While we recognize the temporary relocation of Philadelphia’s intercity bus terminal as forward progress in addressing some of our concerns, the City and bus carriers still have a long way to go in serving both riders and city residents.

As outlined in our petition signed by over 500 people, it was urgently necessary to remove the bus loading zone from the 6th and Market Streets, as it worsened local bus travel and endangered people traveling by bicycle.

"Intercity buses are unusual in their lack of oversight, while being the sole or most affordable means of connection for numerous rural communities throughout the country," shared Transit Forward Philadelphia Coalition Manager, Connor Descheemaker. "While cities as diverse as Milwaukee, DC, and New York offer publicly-owned structures for these visitors, Philadelphia needs to act decisively to keep our city accessible and connected."

While the City has stated this relocation to Spring Garden Street and Christopher Columbus Boulevard is temporary, we are not satisfied with this new location for the following reasons:

  1. The site is not sheltered or heated, nor is there access to indoor bathroom facilities. While portable restrooms are promised, it remains unclear how many, who will clean them, and whether they will be accessible.

  2. Bus loading will impede the bicycle lanes on Spring Garden Street, a vital connector to the riverfront trail. 

  3. The closest rail access is the Spring Garden Station of the Market-Frankford Line, which lacks elevators and is not wheelchair accessible.

“The City must take steps to ensure this location will not jeopardize the safety of pedestrians and bicyclists. This can be done by dedicating an eastbound vehicle lane on Spring Garden Street for bicycle travel or creating temporary protected bike lanes on Callowhill St.” says Nicole Brunet, Policy Director of the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia.

5th Square Organizer, Micah Fiedler says, “While we understand that a permanent location is being worked on, we will pressure City officials and bus carriers until we have a solution that upholds the dignity of riders. Every day of delay is another day hundreds of riders are forced to wait in the cold.”


5th Square is Philadelphia's urbanist political action committee. We're an all-volunteer grassroots organization advocating for safe and affordable transportation, abundant housing, and more and better public spaces. 5th Square volunteers can be reached at [email protected]

Transit Forward Philadelphia is a coalition of organizations in southeastern Pennsylvania advocating for accessible, reliable, and sustainable public transportation. Our membership includes elder and disability-rights advocates, immigrant and refugee support groups, neighborhood associations and CDCs, environmental NGOs, and grassroots organizers, amplifying the diverse voices of transit riders. Transit Forward Philadelphia can be reached at [email protected]

The Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia, a member driving organization, leads the movement to make every ride safe, to empower youth and adults to ride, and to foster a ridership that reflects the diversity of the region.