Press Release: SEPTA Service Cuts

Tuesday, September 12th, 2023


In reaction to the news of SEPTA’s proposed service cuts and fare increases from Harrisburg inaction.

Micah Fiedler, 5th Square Transit Organizer and SEPTA bus rider says, “We at 5th Square lament the access lost and people driven into financial hardships by the projected SEPTA cuts. What’s at stake is not only the financial wellness of our commonwealth, but equitable access to jobs, school, healthcare, and essential services.”

“We are angered by Pennsylvania state legislators letting this transit fiscal problem fester and jeopardizing access for riders and voters alike.”

“How would their constituents react if gas prices went up by $1.50 a gallon and they had to drive with a flat tire?”

“We are also missing out on once-in-a-lifetime Federal matching dollars for overdue capital projects that improve accessibility for our subways, modernize our trolleys and build the Roosevelt Blvd Subway”

“Our ask is simple, pass HB 1307/902, and allow county governments to raise the funds needed to enable SEPTA and other transit agencies to serve riders across the state.”

“We are hopeful that our legislators will exercise basic intelligence and prevent this absolutely vital service from falling off the fiscal cliff.”

“If Harrisburg refuses to help, then at the very least we ask them to get out of our way while we help ourselves.”