City Council: Keep Philly Pedestrians Safe. Pass the Protected Walkway Bill

(Photo: Michael Bryant / Philadelphia Inquirer)

Do you believe pedestrians deserve safe and open sidewalks?

Mayor Jim Kenney ran for election in 2015 pledging to increase protections for pedestrians near construction sites, and reduce excessive sidewalk closures that put people in danger.

Currently there's a bill in City Council that helps fulfill that promise by promoting more protected walkways on streets next to construction sites, like the one near The Gallery that Inquirer columnist Inga Saffron wrote about recently. The bill was introduced by Councilmembers Helen Gym, Mark Squilla, Derek Green, Allan Domb, and Jannie Blackwell. 

Sign and share this petition asking City Council to pass Bill No. 161108 if you believe pedestrian safety should come first.

This bill is a positive first step in what we hope will be a raft of pro-pedestrian Vision Zero legislation from City Council this year, including daylighting more corners and crosswalks, increasing enforcement against illegal parking, creating more mid-block crossings, and fast-tracking redesigns of notorious intersections.

Sign and share the petition on Facebook today to help us grow the coalition for safer streets, and push Bill 161108 over the line.


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  • James Walton
    signed 2017-01-06 17:36:56 -0500
  • Amy Leyva
    signed 2017-01-06 17:30:11 -0500
  • Kait Renna
    signed 2017-01-06 17:29:23 -0500
    Make our city safer please
  • Martin Alexion
    signed 2017-01-06 17:21:18 -0500
  • Alyssa Goodin
    signed 2017-01-06 17:16:10 -0500
  • Kelly Piasecki
    signed 2017-01-06 17:12:56 -0500
  • Kathleen Hoffmaster
    signed 2017-01-06 17:11:29 -0500
    I’d like to see this extended to sidewalks in north Philadelphia. Yesterday a construction site on one side of the street in Fishtown involved the sidewalk on the other side of the street also with a vehicle parked on the sidewalk and tables with saws and materials. I was forced to walk in the street with a baby buggy. In that same trip I had to go into the street again because a business was loading materials into a vehicle on the sidewalk. There was a nearby parking space they could have used. This incident happened at a busy intersection.
  • Jane Scipione-Weiss
    signed via 2017-01-06 17:10:13 -0500
    jane scipione weiss
  • Robert Schmidt
    signed via 2017-01-06 17:00:06 -0500
    Let’s stay safe out there!
  • Susan Shulman
    signed 2017-01-06 16:59:16 -0500
  • Pamela Dalton
    signed 2017-01-06 16:58:07 -0500
    Thank you for this. While I’m happy to see the new construction in the city, I feel endangered by having to cross and recross the streets because of blocked sidewalks. Developers should not be able to co-opt sidewalks except under exceptional circumstances and should provide safe walkways if/when they do so.
  • Kara Nelson
    signed 2017-01-06 16:51:47 -0500
    This has been a reoccurring issue for me as a city walker. If there are pathways for pedestrians that are safe from cars and bikes, Philadelphians won’t have to cross the street and/or turn around and find another route to their destinations. The managers of larger center city projects definitely need to be more aware of the traffic patterns and walkways. If the city of Philadelphia heavily fined these construction companies for not considering pedestrian safety, maybe they would learn to work with everybody. I overhear people complaining about traveling in the city with all the simultaneous construction happening, so I know this change would be appreciated across the board.
  • Kelly Rand
    posted about this on Facebook 2017-01-06 16:42:46 -0500
    Sign the petition: Tell @PHLCouncil to put pedestrian safety first, and pass the protected walkway bill
  • Kelly Rand
    signed 2017-01-06 16:38:52 -0500
  • jarris mayes
    signed 2017-01-06 16:37:47 -0500
    This is so important why dont construction sites in philly have easy walk thrus or walk ways,like scaffolding that are made right, and not block the whole damn sidewalk off…i see more sides closed then still being used while under construction.
  • Judi Pestrak
    signed 2017-01-06 16:33:33 -0500
    Safety is of the up most importance and people do not want to walk blocks out of their way so cross or walk in the streets. Access for cars is rarely closed and pedestrians are more vulnerable and need more consideration of their access availabilities.
  • Jamie Moffett
    signed 2017-01-06 16:32:11 -0500
  • Adams Rackes
    signed 2017-01-06 16:07:39 -0500
    Safe walking paths are very important — especially to those of us with small children!
  • Joani Schmeling
    signed via 2017-01-06 16:02:30 -0500
  • Barron Flood
    signed 2017-01-06 15:56:48 -0500
  • Elizabeth Uhlhorn
    @euhlhorn tweeted link to this page. 2017-01-06 15:55:33 -0500
    Sign the petition: Tell @PHLCouncil to put pedestrian safety first, and pass the protected walkway bill
  • Elizabeth Uhlhorn
    signed 2017-01-06 15:53:30 -0500
    Really hope this passes. I am often a very frustrated pedestrian, and it was one of the reasons I voted for Mayor Kenney.
  • Henry Dembinski
    signed via 2017-01-06 15:39:44 -0500
  • Ed Kaminski
    signed 2017-01-06 15:38:48 -0500
  • John Misczak
    signed 2017-01-06 15:32:59 -0500
  • Alyssa Cole
    signed 2017-01-06 15:26:03 -0500
    The way sidewalks are currently barricaded for construction is also super dangerous for bikers who are forced further into traffic.
  • Marcus Ferreira
    signed 2017-01-06 15:22:44 -0500
    Marcus Ferreira
  • Leslie Linnebur
    signed 2017-01-06 15:17:35 -0500
  • Nancy Lo
    signed 2017-01-06 15:11:22 -0500
  • Chris Thompson
    signed 2017-01-06 15:10:48 -0500