Members of Congress: Earmark Funding for Trolley Modernization Today

SEPTA’s trolley network is a vital transit lifeline and is critically important to our region’s economic well-being. Unfortunately, the system is slow, mired by delays, unacceptably outdated, and lacks ADA accessibility.

The Philadelphia region deserves reliable, accessible, and frequent trolley service. 

We deserve a fully-modernized trolley network that will better serve Southeastern PA as we recover from the pandemic.

We call on Congress to authorize direct financial support for SEPTA’s Trolley Modernization Project. We are also asking SEPTA to prioritize Trolley Modernization and increase their capital budget investment allocation for this important project.

SEPTA's Trolley Modernization Project deserves funding priority:

  • Current trolley cars have exceeded their useable life and are increasingly unreliable. 
  • Trolley lines among SEPTA's busiest surface routes. 
  • This is a matter of equity, racial justice, and fairness in accessibility.
  • Our region’s trolley neighborhoods deserve a modern system with speedy service. 
  • This project poses economic benefits for both riders and the region at large. 
  • SEPTA desperately needs the funding to accomplish this. 
  • The City of Philadelphia wants this too, putting Trolley Modernization as its top priority for large transit infrastructure spending in its Transit Plan.

Read more details about why SEPTA's Trolley Modernization Project deserves funding priority in our Action Page.

A renewed and modernized trolley system is within reach if Congress brings needed resources.

Imagine a post-pandemic future with a speedy and reliable trolley system, instead of one marred by congestion and delays. Imagine a new fleet of accessible, modern light-rail-style cars ready to serve for decades to come. Imagine a trolley system that’s far more reliable and resilient, giving opportunity and vitality for hundreds of thousands of Southeastern PA residents.

Ask our local members of Congress to earmark federal funding for this important project.

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    Rep. Evans and Congress,

    As someone living on the Baltimore Ave corridor, modernizing the trolley system is essential to keeping us connected to Center City and the greater SEPTA regional network. The 34 is heavily used but doesn’t run frequently enough, especially in the evenings or on weekends, is constantly blocked by double-parked cars, and is not accessible for disabled people. We need better to keep West Philly vibrant. Please work to make trolley upgrades part of any Congressional infrastructure bill!
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    The nation’s largest trolley network must be saved and upgraded to serve Philadelphians
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    Sign the petition: Members of Congress: Earmark Funding for Trolley Modernization Today
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