🚋 SEPTA's Trolleys are Seriously Outdated, Let's Push for a Better System

We are announcing the launch of our campaign for funding SEPTA’s Trolley Modernization Project starting with an online petition.

We ask everyone who believes in the importance of our trolley network to sign our petition and share it with the tag #FundTrolleyMod

We call on Congress to authorize direct financial support for SEPTA’s Trolley Modernization Project. We are also asking SEPTA to prioritize Trolley Modernization and increase their capital budget investment allocation for this important project.

The price tag for this project is $1.85 billion. But so far, SEPTA only has less than $50 million budgeted for it over the next 12 years. Our region needs the funding to make this important transportation project happen right away.

If not, trolley cars taken out of service permanently could spell ridership collapse for the entire network. It's crucial that when it comes to infrastructure spending, we Fix it First. As Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg recently commented, "A lot of what we've got to do is dealing with a maintenance backlog."

SEPTA’s trolley network is a vital transit lifeline and is critically important to our region’s economic well-being. Unfortunately, the system is slow, mired by delays, unacceptably outdated, and lacks ADA accessibility.

The Philadelphia region deserves reliable, accessible, and frequent trolley service. 

We deserve a fully-modernized trolley network that will better serve Southeastern PA as we recover from the pandemic.