Washington Avenue Restriping Meeting

The Philadelphia Planning Commission finished its year-long traffic study of Washington Avenue and presented a plan to make the Avenue safe for all users. This was eighteen months ago.

Since that time, the plan has been blocked by only a handful of opponents who say that Washington Avenue is fine the way it is. As regular users of Washington Avenue, we know better. This failure to fix the Avenue continues to endanger everyone, especially the street's most vulnerable users: children, the elderly, and the disabled.

We can still have a better, safer, and more enjoyable Washington Avenue, but WE NEED YOUR HELP!

On Thursday, September 3rd, join us at a meeting with the Streets Department, Planning Commission, and Mayor's Office of Transportation and Utilities (MOTU) to discuss what Washington Avenue can and should be. It's far past time that we have a safe street, and the only way it will happen is with your help. See you on September 3rd!

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Will you come?