Questionnaire Responses

For Consideration for Endorsement

5th Square political action committee sent the 2020 Questionnaire to Pennsylvania State House and Senate candidates for consideration for endorsement who show promise in aligning with Urbanist visions for a safer, healthier, more walkable Philadelphia with world-class public transit and public spaces for all residents.

Thank you to all of the 2020 Pennsylvania State Legislature candidates who took the time to complete our questionnaire. Candidate responses are listed below and are published upon receipt.

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Not sure which district you live in?


Responses from Candidates Running in the Pennsylvania Primary Election on Tuesday, April 28th, 2020: 

Pennsylvania State Senate

District 1 [Map]

Larry Farnese (D) - Incumbent

Nikil Saval (D)


Pennsylvania House of Representatives

District 175 [Map]

Andre Del Valle (D)

MaryLouise Isaacson (D) - Incumbent

Vanessa McGrath (D)

District 181 [Map]

Malcolm Kenyatta (D) - Incumbent

District 182 [Map]

Marisa Shaaban (D)

Brian Sims (D) - Incumbent

District 184 [Map]

Elizabeth Fiedler (D) - Incumbent

District 185 [Map]

Maria P Donatucci (D) - Incumbent

Evette Thompson (D)

District 190 [Map]

Ted Smith (D)

District 192 [Map]

Morgan Cephas (D) - Incumbent

District 197 [Map]

Danilo Burgos (D) - Incumbent

District 198 [Map]

Darisha K. Parker (D)

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