💥 BIG NEWS 💥 SEPTA Chestnut Hill West Line is Coming Back!

Thank you for signing our petition calling on SEPTA to adapt to the pandemic and grow its ridership by Restoring Service & Lowering Fares on Regional Rail.

We have some big news to share!

SEPTA just announced that the Chestnut Hill West line is restarting on March 7th! Service on this important regional rail line has been suspended for nearly a year and has left many riders and us fearing that it would never return.

Advocacy through signing our petition, making phone calls, sending emails, speaking with the press, and providing testimony at SEPTA meetings has made a difference!

Together, we're starting to win the argument for a more affordable and accessible regional transit network.

Let's keep this ball rolling! Share our Regional Rail petition and stay tuned for opportunities to advocate for improved rail service in the near future.

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In the six months since our petition launched, we amassed over 1,400 signatures, garnered the attention of the media, and saw the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC) announce a study of regional rail fare equity and restructuring.

We want to see SEPTA leadership commit to making the necessary infrastructure and operations changes to make the most of these fare changes, and run regional rail trains much more frequently, around every 15 minutes even on evenings and weekends.



The press coverage on this issue has been tremendous, with two opinion pieces published by 5th Square members, support from the Inquirer editorial team, and multiple articles considering our ideas for the future of SEPTA's rail service.

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