Eyes On The Street Advocating for Two Of Our 2015 Platform Items

The 5th Square has created a 13 point platform to help drive dialogue and change in the forthcoming 2015 primaries and beyond. This platform is primarily focused on public space, transportation choice and governance issues that have gone too long ignored for Philadelphia. Ashley Hahn from PlanPhilly's Eyes On The Street blog recently compiled a 2015 Civic Wish List of items she'd like to see for our city's future. 

Two of our platform items made that list. The first being protected bike lanes connecting University City on JFK, and the second being regular street sweeping services for all of Philadelphia. Both of these items are tactical. The first addresses safety issues for Center City cycling in advance of Bike Share launching in the spring of this year. The second addresses a long-held problem mayors back in the 1970s also sought to remedy: persistent street trash. We can yell at constituents on Twitter, or we can do something effective about it.

Many thanks to Ms. Hahn for her wish list. We look for the contributions of other erudite Philadelphians as we build momentum to the forthcoming municipal elections.