Tell City Council: No Tax Cut for Parking Execs

Tell Council to support transit passes for low-income residents, not giveaways to parking executives

As part of budget negotiations currently underway, City Council is considering whether or not to give away $130 million of our federal stimulus money to parking garage owners by dramatically slashing the parking industry tax. 

At a time when Philadelphia is facing unprecedented challenges, the City should not send $130 million to parking lot tycoons and suburban motorists. $130 million is enough to fund a low-income fare program to provide half-price transit for every Philadelphian with an ACCESS card. Instead of giving away money to an industry that pollutes, congests and endangers our city, we should be advancing our region by easing the green mobility of our most vulnerable residents.

Send a message to Council to vote ‘NO’ to this regressive bill (#210442) at their meeting on Tuesday, June 8th.

Join 5th Square in asking City Council to:

  • Vote ‘NO’ to cutting the Philadelphia Parking Tax.
  • Work with SEPTA to fund and implement a low-income fare program

Cutting taxes for exploitative and destructive industries is not the way to increase well-paying jobs. Under this bill, there is NO BINDING GUARANTEE that worker wages and benefits will improve if the tax is reduced. At the same time, the passage of this bill would decimate SEPTA ridership, fuel traffic congestion, and undermine the City’s goals of combating climate change and decreasing vehicular violence.

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