Tell SEPTA to Make Regional Rail Affordable and Available

Buses are full while regional rail trains run empty. The Chestnut Hill West and Cynwyd Regional Rail lines are still shut down, leaving alternatives like the 23 bus crowded. SEPTA should reopen all Regional Rail lines and make regional rail fares within Philly equal to bus fares.

A diagram of SEPTA's rail network in Philadelphia. Regional Rail should be seamlessly integrated with SEPTA's transit modes


Ridership on Regional Rail has plunged by 97% because most suburban Regional Rail riders are now working from home. At the same time, many essential workers in Philly still depend on SEPTA to get them to work. It's common sense: SEPTA should make unused capacity on Regional Rail available to Philly riders by restoring service and lowering fares.

This would:

  1. Give riders on crowded buses/trolleys/MFL/BSL more room to distance
  2. Give riders in many Philly neighborhoods easier and faster options
  3. Rebuild ridership on Regional Rail

SEPTA has a major opportunity to serve its riders better while making a down payment on a more resilient and equitable system. Please sign on to show your support!