Thank You For Helping Us Raise Our First $5000

This is a quick note of appreciation to everyone who helped us raise our first $5000. We officially launched The 5th Square only two weeks ago. In that time we have been overwhelmed with positive reinforcement from those around us.

The donors who helped us reach our first fundraising goal are individuals here in Philadelphia and beyond who believe we can change our city for the better by advocating for policies that matter to all of our daily lives.

Progressive urbanism means well-crafted policies that prioritize the needs of pedestrians, cyclists and public transit over privileges for private cars. It means properly funding our parks as a means to improving public health, healing our environment, and raising the quality of life for all Philadelphians. It means opening our public data as wide as possible to promote transparency and efficiency in government, and empower our citizens to solve public problems. And it means maximizing the value of our most productive land, to build a strong tax base to fund core public services like our school system, and minimizing the time we have to spend begging for scraps from Harrisburg. Progressive urbanism is about saving life and limb through better street design and traffic enforcement.

We've had our donors to remind us of that, with inspiring personal messages regarding their reasons for supporting us. We've had folks tell us online and in person about how excited they are about what we are doing. For that we thank them. We are counting on them, and on you, in the days ahead to help us build an ecosystem of thoughtful, progressive urbanists who care deeply for their city and want to see it grow in a manner consistent with our values.

Join us. Use the "Get Involved" heading above. There you can help spread the word to others about our mission. There you can sign up to volunteer. And if you're not able to give your time, consider supporting us with a donation, knowing your money will be well-spent fighting the good fight.

For those who already have given, thank you. And for those considering, let us prove to you why a donation to The 5th Square is a sound investment in shifting the political landscape of Philadelphia, and the actual landscape of Philadelphia via better public space, governance, land use and transit choice.

With Sincere Gratitude,

Geoff Kees Thompson
Chair, The 5th Square